Cooking Up Online Solutions for the Foodservice Industry

Canada’s restaurateurs and chefs know that purchasing food and preparing orders takes up a lot of your time, and a lot of your budget.

Additionally, the ability to source unique products and ingredients, and connect with niche food suppliers is something many restaurant managers are increasingly focused on improving.

The front-of-house continues to be the primary recipient of the latest and greatest advances in foodservice technology. And that’s not likely to change any time soon. New POS systems and guest-facing tech such as order-at-the-table style tablets are a consistently growing presence in today’s restaurant dining rooms.

A Solution for the Restaurant Kitchen

At, our goal is to bring the full benefits of today’s technology to the back-of-house and help make it easier for you as kitchen managers and chefs to buy more efficiently.

Our online marketplace aims to make it easier for you to create food orders, quickly request pricing, compare offers from a growing community of food suppliers, and discover newly available promotions and specialty suppliers in your region.

A Solution for Suppliers 

As Canadian food suppliers (who can sign up for FREE) joining the marketplace, you now have a platform that allows you to reduce travel time, find new local customers, promote new products, and create highly-targeted promotions. FoodTender makes managing your accounts and finding new customers easy.

Interested in becoming a part of the online marketplace? No problem! Food suppliers can join at no cost, while food establishments enjoy a 30 day free trial membership. Just click the button below to join today.



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