Restaurants: Find Unique Ingredients Easier Than Ever

Easier ways to find unique ingredients and niche food suppliers is a challenge many restaurateurs we spoke with at the recent 2014 CRFA Show would like to see addressed.

With the dashboard, there’s now a marketplace that lets food establishments quickly log in, create new orders in minutes, and source unique ingredients from a variety of local specialty providers.

Sporting a growing list of specialized food suppliers, is a terrific platform for accessing unique ingredients and local products. Whether it’s a specific type of heirloom vegetable, gluten and wheat-free ingredients, or other niche products, keeping your orders (and menu) in line with the most recent food trends has never been simpler.

Requesting Pricing 

1. Once you have created your account, which you can do here if you haven’t already, begin your first request by clicking the red “Request Pricing” button. You’ll be prompted to give your order a title (e.g. “Produce”) and begin filling in all of your needed items.

Create Tender

Setting Up Your Order

2. Be sure to specify the date by which you need the order completed in the “Tender due by” field. This lets the marketplace’s suppliers know how long they have to make their offers.

3. Next set all of your specifics. You’ll have the ability to specify any brand preferences you may have (or leave it blank), needed pack sizes, and quantity.

4. Click the pencil icon under “Notes” to write in specific notes for suppliers. When looking for unique/hard-to-find ingredients, be sure to leverage this option whenever possible. (e.g. “Must be locally-grown, and organic”)

5. Save your tender with the “Save” button.

6. You still have the option to edit the tender at this point. If you’re happy with it, hit “send” to make your order available to suppliers across the marketplace.

It’s that simple!

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