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Technology in the Restaurant: What About the Chefs?

Technology continues to have an enormous impact on Canada’s foodservice industry. Keeping up with the latest technologies is essential for restaurateurs looking to stay a step ahead of their competitors.

Those businesses able to leverage any competitive advantage offered by the newest app, gadget or platform will be the ones that ultimately succeed in what is a very competitive market in Canada.

For restaurants, the front-of-house continues to be the primary recipient of the latest and greatest advances in foodservice tech. And that’s not likely to change any time soon.

The Rise of Technology in the Restaurant Dining Room 

New advancements in POS systems, and guest-facing offerings are a consistently growing presence in today’s restaurant dining rooms. It seems a new way to connect with your guests and better serve them through technology is emerging every day. A few quick examples include:

What About Tech Solutions for the Kitchen?

The back-of-house is reaping some of the benefits of today’s technology as well. Kitchen management can now:

When it comes to improving the process of sourcing new products and unique ingredients, however, the back-of-house still seems to lag behind the dining room in terms of adopting digital and tech solutions. Kitchen managers and chefs are still relying largely on an increasingly antiquated process that can make it hard for smaller establishments to keep up.

One proponent of finding innovative tech solutions for the back-of-house is Chef Tony Marciante. In an August piece for Gigaom, Chef Marciante notes the following pain point many restaurants can identify with:

“Until recently, multiple times a week since my restaurant, Chef Tony’s, opened, I spent close to two hours putting together food orders with five to eight different suppliers. There was no transparency on pricing and everything was done on paper and communicated via the phone or fax. None of my suppliers offered email and most couldn’t even take a scanned-in order. While larger establishments may have an ordering manager, most sole proprietors do their own food ordering. A mistake in one purchase can be very costly, and chefs like to make personal decisions about possible substitutions.”

It’s this last point that really resonates; the ability to find unique products and ingredients, and keep your menu offerings fresh.

A Solution for Chefs and Suppliers

Food establishments don’t always have the time or resources to effectively negotiate the best prices possible with multiple food suppliers. And food costs are still the largest expense faced by Canada’s restaurants at 36% of operating revenue.

Our online marketplace was created to address the pain points mentioned above.

The goals are simple: make it easier for chefs to quickly request pricing, compare offers from a growing community of food suppliers, and discover newly available promotions and specialty suppliers in their regions. Suppliers gain access to an online platform that allows them to reduce their sales reps’ travel time, find new customers, efficiently serve their existing customers, promote new products, and create targeted promotions.

Interested in becoming a part of the online marketplace? No problem! Foodservice suppliers can join at no cost, while food establishments enjoy a 30 day free trial membership with no commitment required. Just click here to join.

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